Leadership Spotlight Tori Manix, Board Liaison, Impact Awards Committee

December 15, 2021
Written by: CREW Detroit
This week’s spotlight is on Tori Manix, Principal, Plante Moran Real Estate Investment Advisors.  Tori is the Board Liaison for CREW Detroit Impact Committee.  With her on-going dedication, leadership and commitment, the mission of the CREW Detroit Impact Awards Committee is to successfully plan, implement and promote a premier awards program focused on utilizing membership, sponsorship and industry relationships to recognize, and award, recently completed commercial developments. The Impact Awards is designed to recognize projects that have significantly impacted their surrounding community.

Name the app you can’t live without. Why?
Waze – I’m a bit of a lead foot and the police notifications have saved me numerous times.

What character trait do you most admire?
I’m not sure it’s a trait, but I’ve always admired very extroverted individuals or people that can jump up on stage and give a speech with no qualms.
Do you have any hidden talents?
I can reach every cabinet and shelf in our house (my not so hidden talent is that I’m 6’0” tall).

What is the best advice you have ever been given?
I’m not sure I’m always the best at following it, but “don’t sweat the small stuff” is something I try to remember daily.

What was the biggest thing, business or personal, you accomplished this year? 
I rescheduled my wedding for a third time (thanks Covid) and was promoted to Principal at my firm. 

Who is your favorite Superhero? Why?
Wonder Woman, duh!

Is there a charitable cause you support? If so, what makes them so important to you?
I was actively involved in Queen for a Day (now “For a Day”) growing up, which provides and plans events and activities for children with chronic illness to hopefully help distract from the strain of treatments.  The organization’s mission is admirable, and the events are unique and well run overall.

What is the most important thing we should know about you?
I live my life by the “work hard, play hard” mantra – it helps stay balanced!