Leadership Spotlight - Kim Steiner - Board Liaison

September 29, 2021
Written by: CREW Detroit
This week’s spotlight is on Kim Steiner, Senior Interior Designer.  Kim is Board Liaison for CREW Detroit Outreach Committee.  With her leadership and dedication, the CREW Detroit Outreach Committee extends the mission and vision of CREW Network by inspiring and educating the next generation of female professionals. This is achieved by mentoring and hosting events with our local schools, universities and communities, helping to create an expanded interest in the commercial real estate industry for the next generation. Outreach programs not only provide scholarship and employment opportunities from our chapter membership, but also help create dynamic forums that continue the CREW conversation and the goal of achieving equality in our industry.

What was the biggest thing, business or personal, you accomplished this year? 
Like millions of others around the globe, 2021 challenged me to take stock, realign priorities and determine what all that meant for my career trajectory. Stepping out of real estate and into the classroom has provided the opportunity to feed my soul through meaningful work I love and more quality time with my family. 

Who is your favorite Superhero? Why?
These days, my favorite Superhero is more of a list of favorites including;  nurses and doctors, first responders and the parents/caregivers who have taken on a massive amount of stress and responsibilities beyond that of natural human strength. They all deserve a cape and theme song!