Diversity Beyond Women in Commercial Real Estate

April 29, 2021
Written by: CREW Detroit
As a woman-focused organization based in Detroit, where 85.3% of the residents are non-white, CREW Detroit is actively engaging to create an inclusive community for all our members, regardless of race, age, gender and more. 

To align with CREW Network’s Strategic Plan in 2021, and more specifically the goal to be the global thought-leader regarding diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) in commercial real estate. Our chapter is taking the initiative to impacting change with the launch of the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) committee.

Utilizing data, education, action and advocacy, our CREW Detroit DEI committee is dedicated to cultivating meaningful conversations and taking actionable steps to expand members’ understanding and appreciation for all people. 

The DEI Committee is leading CREW Detroit’s DEI efforts for inclusivity while being guided by the following pillars:
  • Data: Develop the tools, tracking and KPIs to keep CREW Detroit moving forward and holding ourselves accountable to meet our goals.
  • Education: Provide resources and establish strategic partnerships with relevant organizations to educate, learn and listen to our members and prospective members.
  • Action: Assess CREW's policies and procedures to establish protocols to embed DEI best practices into every element of our work to support MBE-, DBE-, and WBE-owned CRE businesses whenever possible.
  • Advocacy: Committee members will model accountability and support members and guests in understanding why DEI matters, how it impacts all of us and how they can support our work.

CREW Network is the CRE industry’s leading producer of research on gender and DEI. They are committed to offering members valuable business networking, professional development, leadership opportunities and elevated connections both locally and across the globe. Nearly 12,000 members from every discipline in CRE come to CREW Network to advance their careers and professional success, which heavily intertwined with positive DEI.

CREW Detroit recognizes women continue to be less likely to reach top positions at their companies than men, a statistic found in a recent benchmark study conducted by CREW Network. With women making up one-third of the commercial real estate workforce, it is imperative to change this narrative and ensure equal opportunities for non-traditional, underrepresented professionals in the industry, and even more specifically, women of different races, ethnicities and backgrounds.

Diversity is disrupting and transforming business and is a critical factor in market growth, according to research undertaken by the Center for Talent Innovation, a nonprofit think tank to help organizations become more diverse. Inclusion fuels innovation, enhancing engagement with customers and employees and helping drive success in our ever-changing business landscape.

Greater DEI starts at the very top of your organization. Leaders and stakeholders must
be invested, involved, measured and held accountable to be successful and at CREW Detroit we’re taking the steps to make this happen.

Learn more about gender and diversity in commercial real estate in CREW Networks 2020 benchmark study here.