Member Spotlight - Alexa Holmes, Co-Chair Membership Committee

March 19, 2021
Written by: CREW Detroit
This week’s spotlight is on Alexa Holmes, Business Development Engineer with Turner Construction Company.  Alexa is the Co-Chair for CREW Detroit Membership Committee.  With her dedication and leadership, the Membership Committee recruits new members who add value, based on their network, are diverse and are committed to elevating CREW Detroit as a premier professional organization. The team plans and hosts bi-annual prospective member networking events to introduce guests to CREW Detroit and provide an opportunity top network with CREW Detroit’s membership.

Name the app you can’t live without. Why?
I can’t live without Pinterest.  I love to cook and I basically use it as “Google” for recipes and cooking.

What character trait do you most admire?
The character trait that I most admire is honesty. Honesty is not just about telling the truth, it's about being real with yourself and others in order to live your most authentic life.

Do you have any hidden talents?
Unfortunately, not.

What is the best advice you have ever been given?
The best advice I have ever been given is to be kind to people; treat people as you would like to be treated. If you care for people and treat them as the special people that they are, then they will reciprocate this behavior and care for you as well.

What was the biggest thing, business or personal, you accomplished this year? 
My biggest accomplishment this year was planning a wedding and getting married in the midst of the pandemic. Thankfully, none of our guest were impacted by COVID-19. 

Who is your favorite Superhero? Why?
Black Panther is my favorite Superhero.  He was the first superhero of African descent to appear in a major American comic book. He radiates kindness, leadership, and promotes a level of diversity and inclusion that most other comic/superhero stories have not touched upon. In addition, he is protected by a group of fierce women.  The Dora Milajae, which I’ve always felt to be very empowering.

Is there a charitable cause you support? If so, what makes them so important to you?
There are many charitable causes I support but the one I hold dearest to my heart is The American Cancer Society. Cancer runs in my family and I grew up participating annually in the Relay for Life events.

What is the most important thing we should know about you?
I love learning new things and meeting new people.  I am always looking to connect with others and learn more about their passions and what they do.