The Key to Connections: Making Your CREWbiz Account

December 10, 2020
Written by: CREW Detroit
Did you know your CREW Detroit membership includes access to a network of commercial real estate professionals representing all disciplines who are all dedicated to your personal and professional growth and success?

Being a member of this extraordinary global network gives you access to CREWbiz – a digital platform to help you build relationships, find resources and connect with businesses.

Your CREWbiz account can be accessed either from the CREW Detroit website, or directly on the CREW Network website. Making sure your information is complete and up-to-date on CREWbiz will help ensure you get the most out of your membership.
Make sure to follow these steps to get the most benefit from your CREWbiz account.

Complete your Profile
The first step to completing your profile is telling your story. Be sure to upload your headshot and add a short bio. Personalize your account by adding education, experience and employment history to help when networking with other CREW members from across the country, or locally. Once you’ve completed these four items, you’re all set! You can also access CREWbiz through the native app on your smart phone. You can easily download the CREWbiz app by searching for it through your app store.

Utilize CREW’s Member Directory
Being connected to CREWbiz also means being connected to a member directory of more than 12,000 like-minded commercial real estate professionals, representing nearly every discipline in the industry.

Searching the member directory is easy! Simply locate the “Directories” tab on the CREWbiz navigation bar to get to the directory. When searching, you can use basic criteria like name, company, email, location, or you can scroll down and refine your search based on demographics, including:
  • Current membership affiliation to see a list of a chapter’s members.
  • Minority and women-owned business (MWOB) certifications if you work for a government agency or other organization that gives preference to MWOB’s.
  • CREW members who also belong to other CRE trade associations for when you’re attending another association’s conferences.
  • Areas of specialty within CRE to search to get granular with your searches.

Speakers Directory
The only section of CREWbiz available to the public is our speaker directory. We encourage you to position yourself for future speaking opportunities through CREW by setting up a speaker profile on CREWbiz. This is a great way to promote you and your expertise, as well as promote your company! To do this, find “My Speaker Profile” under the “My Profile” tab.

Here you can craft and include a separate speaker bio, showcase your areas of speaking expertise, upload past presentations, convey any speaker fees and more.

Joining the speaker’s directory is included in your membership. It is an easy tool to find new audiences, clients and establish repeat business without having to pitch yourself for every opportunity.

With many companies, media outlet and organizations looking to add qualified participants to their speaker panels, those professionals can easily find and contact through your CREWbizprofile.

The directory is a one-stop resource to tap the expertise and talent within our membership. Search the directory by topic, location or name to find CREW Network members who fit your speaking and event needs. 

Open Forum
The open forum on CREWbiz is a members-only discussion forum that allows members to share best practices, network, give and get business, as well as promote employment opportunities. The discussions here allow members to connect and interact from across the globe. 

The forum is also a great place to get answers to industry questions too. Members are posting helpful advice and business deals here daily. Ask a question or post a discussion to exchange ideas and knowledge with fellow CREW leaders.

CREW Network’s open forum creates a daily digest each morning, which gets delivered directly to a member’s inbox. That way you won’t miss a thing!
Start connecting with members across the globe today by setting up your CREWbiz account here.