Leadership Spotlight Tracy Taylor

May 4, 2020
Written by: CREW Detroit
This week’s Leadership Spotlight is on Tracy Taylor, owner and entrepreneurial force behind T2 studio. She is also the Board Liaison for CREW Detroit’s Professional Development Committee.  Tracy has been a part of CREW for several years and has chaired the Professional Development Committee for 2 years prior to becoming the Board Liaison. CREW Detroit’s Professional Development Committee creates custom designed programming developed for its members with the express goal of empowering them and promoting their emergence as future leaders in the real estate industry.

Why did you join CREW? And how long have you been in CREW?  
I joined CREW because I was impressed with the programs they offered and the professionalism of the members.  I joined for the networking opportunities and the opportunities to grow personally & professionally.  I have been a member for four years, but have attended several events in years prior. 

What advice would you give a new Member?  
Get involved…the more you get involved and take an active role, the more value you will get from your membership.

Why is CREW important to you? To your company? 
It is important for the relationships I’ve made and the opportunities to grow professionally and personally.

What has CREW done for you? Personally and Professionally?
It challenges me to reach higher in so many aspects of business and life.

Can you share a #crewsuccess story? Job Opportunity? Project Opportunity? 
Most recently, working with fellow CREW Detroit member Mary Anne Wilson to guide a project to successful completion on the west side of the state.

3 things I wish I had known to elevate my professional career:
  • Relationships with colleagues in the industry are just as important as relationships with clients. 
  • Never stop learning and striving to improve.  
  • Jump in and take action.
How have you been involved in CREW? Committees; Board?
I’ve chaired the Professional Development committee for the last 2 years, and now I’m the Professional Development Board Liaison.

Who was your CREW Sponsor and how did they impact your experience within CREW?
Lisa Lembke

How would you describe your leadership style and/or key attributes of your professional strengths?
I am a team builder who works to include everyone on the journey to reach project success.

What is your favorite quote? 
Love the Life you Live. Live the Life you Love.  –Bob Marley