Leadership Spotlight - Katie Gans

May 11, 2020
Written by: CREW Detroit
This week’s Spotlight is on Katie Gans, Account Manager for AIREA. She is also the Chairperson for CREW Detroit’s Professional Development Committee. Katie Became a CREW Detroit member a couple of years ago and jumped right in. She has helped lead the initiatives of the Professional Development team. CREW Detroit’s Professional Development Committee creates custom designed programming developed for its members with the express goal of empowering them and promoting their emergence as future leaders in the real estate industry.

Why did you join CREW? And how long have you been in CREW?
I joined CREW to meet and network with people in the CRE industry. I moved to Detroit in the fall of 2017 and joined CREW shortly after.

What advice would you give a new Member? 
Join a committee! I’m so grateful I joined the Professional Development committee. It gave me an immediate network of people to get to know and they’ve all introduced me to many other CREW members as well. Every event is an opportunity to make a new connection and learn something new!

Why is CREW important to you? To your company? 
CREW has been very instrumental in me acclimating to Detroit and giving me access to network of people in the industry.  AIREA values my membership to CREW, because it gives us the opportunity to network and build relationships that could someday lead to mutually beneficial business opportunities. It’s also a great organization to gain exposure for AIREA.

What has CREW done for you? Personally and  Professionally? 
CREW has given me a professional network outside of my office that I think is so important. It’s allowed me to hear and share ideas with other women and men who I don’t work with on a daily basis and it’s always refreshing to hear what they have to say! CREW has also given me a big boost in my confidence, provided me leadership opportunities on my committee and helped me find my way here in Detroit.

Can you share a #crewsuccess story? Job Opportunity? Project Opportunity?  
Several project opportunities have come to AIREA where CREW members are involved. It’s been great to share the CREW connection and continue to build on those relationships.

3 things I wish I had known to elevate my professional career:
  • Put yourself and your happiness first.
  • Involvement in professional organizations is so beneficial to advancing your career, get involved during or right after college!
  • Don’t be afraid to make a change!

How have you been involved in CREW? Committees; Board? 
I have been on the Professional development committee for 2 years and am currently the chair of Professional Development.

How would you describe your leadership style and/or key attributes of your professional strengths?  
If I were to describe my leadership style I would say I am a teacher/coach. I enjoy sharing my knowledge and experience with others and helping them find their own strengths. I’m 100% a team player and genuinely passionate about helping others succeed. I have been most successful by having an open mind, positive attitude and a problem solving approach to any challenge that has come my way!

What is your favorite quote? 
 “If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more, and become more, you are a leader.” – John Quincy Adams