Three Words shape CREW Detroit’s future

Message from 2019 CREW Detroit President, Kelli Herman

Kelli Herman, CREW Detroit President 2019

It’s a moment of reflection. To look back and evaluate our past in order to progress forward.  Our Strategic Plan for 2015-2019 is coming to a close with this year.  This is a moment to take pause and aim where we want to take CREW Detroit into the next decade.  This is THE opportunity to set the stage for 2020 by reflecting on how we want to shape the future.

CREW Detroit represents opportunity.  We are a group of 175 local professionals made up of 32 diverse disciplines within the commercial real estate industry. Nearly 11,000 leaders globally…leaders who are invested in the success of women, who aspire to equality and march towards inclusion. Leaders who have created a platform to continuously promote awareness to make our industry better.  This organization is dedicated to shaping our futures with leading industry knowledge, outreach & professional development, and celebrating the successes of each and every member.  We all win together.

Why CREW Detroit?  Three simple words…Help / Learn / Meet.
These three words outline the possibility of growth, knowledge, and new connections.  The possibility to build upon what we’ve accomplished. The drive to continue to transform our organization & industry into a prototype of inspiration & creativity, where everyone can achieve more together.  We look to Help by serving as mentors & role models for our organizations and our communities; We look to Learn about our industry and exploring together our personal/professional development paths; We look to Meet others to further build out our support structure of both business and personal connections.

As I reflect on CREW Detroit as an organization, I must commend & applaud the women who have come before me. They were deliberate in creating an organization that gave women a stage to share their voice, that cultivated leaders for the future, and that transformed the communities they supported.  I am proud to carry on their legacy as the 2019 CREW President.

What will you reflect on to shape your future?

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