Member News – March 2019


Chelsea Moreau
has been promoted to:
Team Leader, Commercial

Chelsea Moreau leads Support, Taxes and Typing teams for all commercial orders Amrock receives. She is celebrating 5 years with Amrock.


Danielle Graceffa
has been promoted to:
Assistant Legal Council
Capital Impact Partners


Kara Starnes
has been promoted to:
Operations Manager, Detroit

Kara Starnes has accepted the position of Operations Manager for the Detroit Market. She will be responsible for managing the business of operations in the office focusing on finance, marketing and HR.

Company Changes

Nicole Franzen Kuklewski
Has made a job change:
Director of Business Development + Marketing

Nicole Franzen Kuklewski joins LaSalle as Director of Business Development and Marketing. Nicole will will lead the company’s rebranding and marketing efforts and spearhead the strategy and initiatives for the continued growth and expansion of LaSalle as the company evolves to service their clients nationwide.


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