Leadership Spotlight: Debbie Moceri – Co-chair, Outreach

Debbie Moceri is the Co-Chair for the Outreach Committee at CREW Detroit and is an Account Executive at DMS Moving Systems. Debbie joined CREW Detroit 5 years ago to expand her business base, and has made many personal friends along the way.

The Outreach Committee is dedicated to creating and sponsoring events that reach the community by focusing on high school mentoring, City of Detroit career development for females, coordinating events at the college and university level and volunteering. The Outreach Committee is responsible for premier CRE inclusive activities  in Metro Detroit.  Debbie’s leadership helps CREW Detroit elevate and excite young people about the endless opportunities  in the CRE Industry!

Why is CREW important to you? To your company?CREW is important to me not only professionally to increase my business exposure but also the friendships I have formed.

What has CREW done for you? Personally and Professionally? CREW has taken some of my lack of confidence in the professional world and allowed me to sharpen my skills in a very safe setting. It has increased my business base by 30% and introduced me to companies that I would not otherwise be involved with. Mentorship with other Crew Members is invaluable!  Personally, I have formed deep friendships and expanded myself as a leader.

Can you share a #crewsuccess story? Job Opportunity? Project Opportunity? CREW Careers 2017 and 2018 empowered me to be more of a leader then I ever thought. The joy, confidence I gained and synergy with my committee members was one of best experiences in my career. It launched my decision to plow thru my job with a fun, positive attitude.  It gave me strength to know that I can play to my strong suits and leave the rest . Delegate by being around these amazing women on my committee  it was not only enjoyable but uplifting for me as a professional to rise up .

3 things I wish I had known to elevate my professional career.

  • Ask top level decision makers for information – BE BOLDER
  • To have a work coach to keep me in check
  • Change careers every 5 years

What advice would you give a new Member?  Join a committee, go to as many events as you can, and talk to other members you don’t know!

How have you been involved in with CREW? Committees; Board? I have been on the Outreach program for  4 years and Chaired the CREW Careers for 2 years.  Currently co- chair of Out Reach and active member . I have been very active in U CREW for 2 years .

Who was your CREW Sponsor?  Dana Swartz

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