2019 CREW Network Chapter Challenge

What is CREW Foundation and Where do your Donations go?

CREW Foundation is committed to bringing more people into commercial real estate by offering programs like CREW Careers and UCREW that educate women and girls about opportunities in our industry. CREW Foundation supports CRE and higher education and training through college scholarships and internships; and we provide mentorships to those new to the industry.  Your gift will help fund many scholarships and Outreach programs for young women.

Bonus:  CREW Detroit members that donate to Foundation will be eligible to purchase up to $20 in raffle tickets (at various CREW events) to win a Shinola Tote Bag which will be raffled off at July’s Summer Social.

What is the Chapter Challenge?

Each year, CREW Network poses three challenges to its chapters:

  1. Get the chapter to contribute at least $1,000 directly to CREW Network Foundation
  2. Get 100% of the chapter’s board to give an individual donation
  3. Get 50% of the chapter’s membership to give an individual donation

In 2018, CREW Detroit was among chapters across the country able to pull off the challenge trifecta, which is achieving all three goals listed above.   Each Year, CREW Detroit  receives recognition at the CREW Network Convention for this honor of meeting and exceeding the Chapter Challenge Goals.

If you have questions about raffle or to learn more about Foundation, please contact Jennifer Thomas, CREW Detroit’s Chapter Champion/Network Foundation Liaison.

Read more about the great work CREW Network Foundation does.

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