Invest in yourself in 2018

At the start of each New Year, we take pause for moments of self-reflection, pondering how we want to do things differently this year. As our lives get busier, more connected, and more chaotic trying to integrate our work and personal lives, it’s inevitable that Mindfulness is on the top of many people’s minds.

To me Mindfulness, starts with prioritization. How am I spending my time and energy, and with whom?  For me, CREW Detroit represents an intentional investment in myself, my company, and my community. This group of men and women represent almost 200 professionals locally, and almost 10,000 senior leaders globally invested in the success of women, gender equity, and greater diversity in commercial real estate. As an organization committed to leading change we dedicate our time and mindshare into professional development, research, outreach, and educational opportunities to expand our horizons and grow our skills.

As I sit back today, I reflect on how humbled I am to serve as your 2018 President. My predecessors are woman who broke their proverbial glass ceilings, dedicated themselves to supporting emerging leaders, gave back tirelessly to their communities, and helped shape a world where woman can dream to have it all and unite powerful voices together for change.

Often, I am asked, why I joined CREW Detroit and why I am so involved? The answer is quite simple, because I believe in that.

I encourage you to think about what you are investing your energy into? Are you maximizing the investment you made in yourself with your CREW membership? Join a committee, find a mentor, participate, speak up, share, and continue to support the growth of your fellow CREW Detroiter’s. We have an unbelievable year planned, with cutting edge programs, another successful UCREW, our annual golf outing, and Impact Awards to celebrate the dynamic projects reshaping our community.

As we fall back into the post-holiday grind, think about what mindfulness means to you. Reflect, un-plug your phone, have a meaningful conversation with a mentor or friend, and join us for a CREW event. I promise you will not be disappointed in your investment of time here.

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