Event Recap: Network Leadership Summit-Toronto

CREW Network Leadership Summits serve as leadership laboratories where participants receive leadership training, exchange ideas and demonstrate skills in a supportive environment. The Summit is attended by CREW Network chapter delegates and members whom have an interest in developing leadership skills, expanding their network outside of their local market or becoming more involved in CREW. Nonmembers are also invited to attend!

New to the lineup this year was a session called “CREW speak” – nearly three hours of best practice sharing, small group leadership meetings and networking.  As usual, the dine-arounds are popular and a great way to cap off the Summit by enjoying social time with new connections.

Earlier this year at the CREW Detroit Spring Retreat, Betsy Hobbs Wagner was the recipient of a scholarship to attend the Leadership Summit in Toronto.  Here is her detailed account of the experience:

CREW Leadership Summit – Toronto, Ontario
June 22 – 23
by Betsy Hobbs Wagner, IIDA
Vice President

I have to say, I was so honored to attend the CREW Network Leadership Summit in Toronto this year. It was truly a great experience on a personal and professional level. The first day had a fascinating opener – a panel discussion about what other CREW chapters are doing and their best practices.  The panelists shared what is working well and what can be improved upon within their own chapters. This created candid discussion on how different programs within CREW can better themselves.

I was impressed with the Outreach programs from several chapters outreach program.  Like our chapter, the program was created to encourage young women to get involved in commercial real estate, whether it be in brokerage, architecture, engineering, finance or project management. The take away from this was that engaging girls at a younger age, middle school or high school, could be more impactful in shaping their future career choices than waiting until they are in college. The program is a good way to get them exposed to different types of opportunities in the field of commercial real estate at a young age. I look forward to being involved in CREW Detroit’s Outreach program.

Other Chapters had some great suggestions on how to maximize networking within your CREW organization. One chapter has everyone put their business cards in a bowl at each member only event, on your way out, you need to grab a card out of the bowl and call that person to set up lunch. They mentioned that has been successful for them to get to know people better within their network.

ALL of the speakers were great, however, I found Cheryl Cran personally to be very inspiring. I could relate to her talking about in her younger years trying to control everything and show everybody all she knew. While she is a smart lady, she came to realize, that is not true leadership. True leadership is teaching people to be better than you are. Giving them a chance to grow and expand in their positions. If you do a good job, they will be able to take over your position someday. Also, it is important to be your authentic self and not try to be something you’re not. The more inline you are with your belief system, the better you will do.

Finally, the social events were a lot of fun. I met some really great people from Tucson and I would like to attend the Tucson Conference in February, as we have an Arizona office. The happy hours were a great way to meet people and the dine-arounds were amazing. Our group went to a Spanish Restaurant which was fabulous.

Thank you CREW Detroit for this amazing opportunity, I feel like I learned a lot.

The Fall Leadership Summit is preceding the Convention in Houston. The 2018 Summits are also set. Take a look at some of the great locations planned for next year! >>Leadership Summits – 2018


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