CREW Detroit completes the 2017 Chapter Challenge!

We rocked the Chapter Challenge!

I am thrilled to report that, for the second consecutive year, our super generous CREW Detroit members have achieved the Chapter Challenge that requires 50% of membership donating to CREW Foundation.  The other requirements of the challenge are; 100% Board Members donating and the Chapter donating to Foundation.  We are the 11th Chapter that has completed all three requirements and we will be recognized at the CREW Convention and Marketplace in Houston on October 25.  I will be so proud to stand and represent our Chapter donors in Houston.  This was one of my goals for this year and I wanted to thank you all for your help in achieving this goal.

I am also grateful for Amy Schneider’s leadership in this effort.  Amy, along with being a Principal at G2 Environmental, is our Chapter Champion.  Amy’s creativity and enthusiasm has made this effort very successful and really fun.

CREW Foundation’s efforts are at the heart of CREW Network’s and CREW Detroit’s missions.  CREW Foundation is committed to bringing more women into commercial real estate with programs that educate women and girls about the career opportunities available to them and creating mentoring relationships for those new to the industry.  With the research supported by Foundation, Network can inform the industry and mark the progress of women in commercial real estate.  I would strongly suggest that you read the white papers that Foundation supports.  There is so much information included that can help you immediately with your career growth and development.  I can honestly say that it has helped me.  Foundation also offers one of the greatest scholarship opportunities for women pursuing careers in commercial real estate careers.  I am hopeful that with our Chapter’s UCREW programs, one of our local students can be selected for one of these scholarships.

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