Whose Responsibility Is It

I am typing this message while traveling to the CREW Network Convention in Miami Beach. I am eagerly anticipating this event since it promises to be a signature one. I still remember attending my first convention and how blown away I was by the entire experience, how the definition of CREW took on a whole new meaning for me. It was powerful, and empowering.

There are twelve women from our chapter attending the convention this year and four of those attendees received full or partial scholarships to help defray costs. CREW Detroit offered the opportunity to all members and many entered that drawing, hopeful, with fingers crossed. Now THAT is a member benefit!

CREW Detroit is proud of the Professional Development Series it organized and presented which was open to 25 members. This inaugural program was funded, and participant’s expenses subsidized, by CREW Detroit. The course was at capacity! Now THAT is a member benefit!

Christine Spray, a national presenter I first heard at another CREW Network convention, will be the featured speaker at our November program. She was excellent and I cannot wait for our members and guests to hear her. Now THAT is a member benefit!

No, the list doesn’t end there but you get the point. CREW Detroit is all about providing exceptional benefits for its members.

What you may not know is that dues and program fees alone are not sufficient to support the programs and opportunities we want to provide our members.  Resources must be augmented through monetary or ‘in kind’ sponsorships, or both. Now more than ever, a dynamic, effective sponsorship program is essential to sustaining the success of our chapter, to building our CREW brand, to expanding brand recognition, and to offering members the range of services they have come to expect. What you may not know is that sponsorship funds are approximately 75% of our revenue source—significant by any measure.

We will be kicking off the 2015 Sponsorship Campaign during the next few weeks by mailing brochures, forwarding emails, and making personal phone calls. A win-win sponsorship arrangement is our goal with every sponsor. Win-win creates lasting and productive partnerships with companies by expanding network connections and business circumstances whereby our members and sponsor companies can build their businesses and add to their bottom lines.

Yes, we have a strong Sponsorship Committee in place but they cannot do it all. The task is too big, the results too important. Attaining yearly sponsorship goals is the responsibility of every single member. We are counting on you!

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