See you on November 13th!

The CREW Detroit Board has as one of its priorities providing quality benefits to its members.

It was under that mandate that CREW Detroit initiated and delivered the Professional Development series in 2013/2014, provided scholarships for four members to attend the CREW Network Convention in Miami Beach, and recently organized a program featuring a well-known national speaker.

As you have seen in the eblast invitation for this November 13th lunch program at the Dearborn Inn, Christine Spray will be the featured speaker. Christine contributed to the book, SuccessOnomics – Doing Business in Today’s Economy, with Steve Forbes. Christine will be focusing her November 13th presentation on Building an Effective Pipeline: Growing Your Network and Your Networth.

I was privileged to hear Christine two years ago at a CREW Network Delegates Meeting. At that program, she provided attendees with tips for business development. She also spoke about the importance of time management both in our personal as well as professional lives. I found her presentation to be full of fresh, new ideas for business development, some of which I employed in my own business when I returned.

Christine has an energy and a level of excitement which motivates her audiences. I know she will be well-received here and am pleased that CREW Detroit was able to bring her to Detroit.
Also attending the November program will be Cindy Wozny-Carl from CREW Chicago. Cindy serves on the 2014 CREW Network Board and will have an opportunity at the end of the program to talk about the value of CREW Network.

I hope to see all of you on November 13th!

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