CREW Detroit Joins Life Remodeled to Help Cody High

DETROIT – A group of CREW (Commercial Real Estate Women) Detroit members joined Life Remodeled at Cody – Detroit Institute of Technology College Prep High School Aug. 16 to remove blight and create cleaner, safe pathways to school.

Each year CREW Detroit’s Outreach committee chooses a local charity to help as a means to enrich lives and bring members together in a way that positively impacts the organization’s communities. Life Remodeled is a charity CREW Detroit’s Outreach Committee is embracing due to its vibrancy and relevance in the community. Its founder, former pastor Chris Lambert, addressed local high school girls at this year’s CREW Careers event. In a very impassioned speech, he explained that people can either be observers of the solution or they can participate in it. When the opportunity arose, CREW jumped at the opportunity to participate the revitalization of Cody High School and its surrounding neighborhoods.

The Life Remodeled efforts, which took place Aug. 11-16, included renovating three schools, demolishing three burned-out houses, remodeling 25 homes, boarding up 254 vacant houses and beautifying 303 city blocks.

CREW Detroit donated $1,000 toward a new mural painted on Cody High School, commissioned from local artist Chazz Miller. The mural depicts various working professionals with embedded reflective glass to students can see their own reflections in the painting. Other contributions for Life Remodeled efforts included an unexpected $300,000 donation from the Walrich family to finish renovating the Cody’s new football field, “Hope Field.”

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