CREW Detroit Past President, Rachele Downs, posted the following on LinkedIn. When I read it, I had the same reaction she did and decided that the message should be shared. That is when Rachele provided the March President’s message! A portion of her posting is paraphrased below.

“A few weeks ago I received a postcard in the mail from the CEO of Petra Coach, the creator of Align Software and a fellow member of Entrepreneurs Organization. I’ve never met him, but Andy Bailey and his postcard have already had a profound effect on me, reinforcing values I believe in and reminding me on a daily basis of the attitudes and habits I know I need to embrace in order to become more successful.”

What follows is a sampling of the common attributes shared by uber-successful people. Some will surprise you! You can find the entire list online.

  • EMBRACE CHANGE: Embracing change is one of the hardest things a person can do, but one of the most critical. The world is moving with astounding speed and technology is accelerating faster than ever. Embrace what’s coming, stay informed and current—ready to adapt quickly and confidently at the right time and in the most intelligent manner.
  • PROMOTE THE SUCCESS OF OTHERS: As members of an organization, in order for us to be successful, all have to be successful. Promote the growth and achievements of others as much as our own.
  • ACCEPT RESPONSIBILITY FOR FAILURES: Where there are ups, there are downs. A respected leader and successful businessperson always accepts responsibility for failures as openly and graciously as for successes.
  • OPERATE from a TRANSFORMATIONAL PERSPECTIVE: Transformational leaders characteristically go above and beyond to reach success at ever higher levels. They focus on team building, motivation and collaboration. They’re always looking ahead to see how they can transform themselves and others.
  • CREATE AND MAINTAIN A TO-BE LIST: A To-Be List is a great way to strategize for the future while continually creating the life you envision. Are you on the right path? Are you focused on the important things? Without a To-Be-List, how would you know? Do you want to be an entrepreneur? A corporate CEO? An author? A loving partner? A devoted parent? A world traveler? A marathoner or a yoga teacher? If you don’t know everything you truly want to be, how can you achieve it? What do you want to be?
  • SET GOALS and CREATE LIFE PLANS: Success is impossible without knowing where we’re going in life. A life vision board, 10 year plan, 3 year forecast, annual strategic review, and daily goal lists are all tools employed by the mega-successful. Thoughtfully and introspectively write your long-term vision and near term goals, and refer to them frequently—at least daily.
  • EXEMPLIFY an ATTITUDE of GRATITUDE: Moments of gratitude, each and every one, transform life each day, unquestionably making us more successful and happy. Walk with a spirit of gratitude and appreciation and even wonder—about the world around you and the people with whom you interact. Gratitude is the ultimate key to unbridled success in business and in life.

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