Are You a Rainmaker?

First, a little background on the term ‘Rainmaker’ — American Indian tradition exalts the Rainmaker who uses magical powers to bring the rain that nourishes the crops that feed the people. Without the rain, entire groups of people weaken, die, or have to move elsewhere, away from their native home.

Today, a Rainmaker is an individual who brings revenue (value) to an organization, the type of value that is the lifeblood of the organization. Without it, the organization will weaken, and eventually die.

There are many forms of Rainmakers—as many as there are types of organizations. Rainmakers operate under many titles: CEO, director, scout leader, owner, chairperson, association board member, mom. Rainmakers are women and men who are out there every day making a positive difference by bettering their organizations, their businesses, their neighborhoods, their families. They can be trusted to get their jobs done efficiently and well, maximizing potential at every opportunity.

The most important success factor of our organization is our large number of active, committed, responsive members. These members secure our sponsors and support them with business and recommendations whenever possible; they plan programs that interest members and attract guests; they creatively strive to attract new members and retain current ones; they impact the well-being of the community through charitable works and philanthropic activity; they lead with sagacity and vision. In short, they are our Rainmakers.

We need several new members to serve on our 2015 CREW Detroit Board. Most board positions require a two year commitment. Ours is an active board whose members are responsible for ensuring the chapter operates in accordance with its mission, strategic plan and current bylaws. It is also responsible for protecting the organization’s assets. At its essence, it is the heart of our CREW Detroit chapter.

Calling all Rainmakers! Please phone or email me or our Immediate Past President, JUMANA JUDEH, to express your interest in serving on the Nominating Committee (see Page 5 of this newsletter) or on our CREW Detroit Board. We are eager to hear from you.

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