Our Past Presidents

During the nomination process for President-Elect, I was interviewed by the nominating committee. One question that was asked of me was: What will your goals be as President of CREW Detroit? Believe it or not, that was a difficult question to answer considering all the positive growth experienced in so many different areas during the

years I have been an active member. I recall thinking that I wanted to hear more about the business deals that have resulted from membership in CREW Detroit. I reasoned that if it was important to me it would be important to our members and offered that as one of my goals as President.

I recognize that many members and sponsors may not want to divulge informa- tion about specific deals or projects. That’s understandable. But I belive there is a way to do it without revealing too much information so I am going to be the first to start: During the past three years, since forming my corporation, I have entered into agreements with 7 new clients resulting in 37 new projects that I definitely would not have had without my CREW Detroit connections. That is 12 new projects per year!

If you are wondering how this happened, the answer is simple. You invest your money in membership, but that is not enough. Your investment must not stop with dues payment. You must also invest your time, effort and energy. You must actively participate in CREW Detroit. By doing so, you will get to know fellow members and sponsors, gradually building trust and confidence in them. Soon, you will want to send work their way. Likewise, they will want to support you and you also will receive. I am always looking for ways to pay it forward. Whenever I can help a fellow CREW Detroit member or sponsor, I try to send deals their way.

True, you have heard it before, but I’ll emphasize it again because it cannot be stressed enough. To find value in CREW Detroit, you must become involved . . . renew your membership, join a committee, maximize your sponsorship dollars, invite a member/sponsor to lunch, attend programs and events and network with people you do not already know. All of these things and so many more will add to your company’s bottom line. I will feature CREW Detroit business deals monthly, so send me your stories with as much or as little information as you’d like to have shared.

Thank you for honoring me with the position of CREW Detroit President. I am excited to represent our fantastic organization. Please feel free to contact me with ideas, suggestions, thoughts, concerns. I solicit your input as we continue to grow our CREW Detroit Chapter together.


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